It’s All Good

ALL GOOD THINGS…. ..must come to an end.  And so here we are. It’s “that time” again…the time for all sorts of little “lists” and “lasts” associated with the business of moving from one side of the world to the … Continue reading

Poured Out

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. The last day of class of the January-April trimester, teaching first-year nursing students that I have come to know a bit better this second time around (meaning I have learned most of their … Continue reading

Do The Right Thing

I’ve been teaching “Ethics” to my first-year nursing students all month as part of their “Fundamentals of Nursing Practice” course. We’ve covered the usual definitions and several ethical theories, including biomedical ethics and the major global ethical concerns happening in … Continue reading

When Helping Hurts

“Hey Bruce….is your phone near you, because it’s been ringing and ringing!” I shout out to my husband, who’s working on the computer in the other room. “Yes, I know, thanks.  I have it right here…it’s Boniface* who’s been calling.  … Continue reading

Right On Time

Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka (In hurry there is no blessing) Generally speaking (though it’s so cliché to say it), things tend to move a bit slower here in Kenya. Including right here at Kabarak University. Take today, for example. Students … Continue reading

Watching Me

We had a robbery last week in our Kabarak apartment. The day had started out normally enough with us returning from Nairobi a day later than originally planned, due to a “truckers’ strike” that was scheduled to block the main … Continue reading

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Six Months In

It’s official!  I have now passed the half-year mark of being in Kenya at Kabarak University (Oct 29th-April 29th; for Bruce, a few months longer, as he arrived August, 2015). Slowly by slowly, I have settled in and am relaxing … Continue reading