It’s All Good


..must come to an end.  And so here we are.

It’s “that time” again…the time for all sorts of little “lists” and “lasts” associated with the business of moving from one side of the world to the other.  Of uprooting, upheaval and upsetting the daily rhythms of life.  The exciting-yet-bittersweet period of 3-4 weeks where things must be sold, offices must be cleared, bags must be packed, goodbyes must be said.

Chapters that must come to an end once more for Bruce and I.

And it’s been going well, actually; the selling and organizing, things I like to do. It’s pretty much all gone except for the “junky stuff”, things to be given away to whomever wants them. Freeing as this feeling is, it’s always a bit nostalgic to say goodbye to stuff I’d had so much fun putting together for our little apartment (see “Fixer Upper“).








Of course, ALL goodbyes to friends, colleagues, and students will be the hardest.

But truth be told, I’m ready to go, back to Minnesota and our Grand Marais home.  Even though we’ve been very sure about being here, it’s been more of a struggle for me this time around than at any other time or place I’ve lived in Kenya.

Thankfully, however, it’s all the many good things that press themselves to the forefront of my brain as the date for our departure draws nearer:

  • all the days of Kenya warm sunshine, cool evenings, bright stars, gentle rains;
  • all the birds which wake at dawn and keep at it till dusk, singing their little hearts out;
  • amazing colleagues who have kindly and tactfully helped me navigate an educational system that doesn’t always make sense to me (but does to them);
  • the sheer JOY of teaching, and having respectful, polite students who have given me way more happiness than headaches;
  • the after-school giggling voices of tiny children playing outside my windows in the late afternoons;
  • singing, laughing, sharing, and praying with the dear ladies of the weekly Women’s Bible study;
  • the lively fellowship and worship times at our small little church (a plant of the large Nairobi Chapel) in Nakuru town;
  • the warmth, hospitality, and general good manners of all Kenyans, no matter their age, status or position in life
  • the wait staff at Java House, my go-to “alternative office” (I know them all by name; and they all know my favorites)

It’s always been a must to have “packing music” to assist me during this time of transition. My current go-to choice has been “The Piano Guys–Wonders”, first introduced to us by our classical-music-aficionado son, Erik (and if you haven’t heard it, go out and buy it right now).

Just take a listen to “Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends” (you might have to wade through a cheesy intro ad first; then play it, LOUDLY). Oh, how I long to be one of the pianists on this piece in heaven, some day; or even the cellist (an instrument I’ve never touched), since we’re talking about heaven, after all…

But it’s their rendition of the song, “Pictures at an Exhibition” , that really resonates with me now, as I mentally review pictures of our time here at Kabarak. Here are some random favorites:

Just today I made a slideshow of pictures from these last two years, but it’s too big to upload here (and I’m too technically challenged to figure it out).  If you’d like to see it, let me know and we’ll see if it can be uploaded to you!

It’s all good. Even through the rough times, the difficult times I’ve experienced here; they have all been worth it. What an incredible time we’ve had, and how grateful I am to have been here. And…how thankful I am to have had the sense to actually listen and follow His beckoning call that has led us, this one last time. To think that I might have missed it all.

As I said in one of my first blogs on this site: DON’T MISS YOUR LIFE.

Because….He is worth it.

And…He is Good.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
    Blessed is the one who takes refuge in him!” Ps. 34:8