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Bruce and Kate Dahlman, serving with Africa Inland Mission
June 29, 2015 4:15 pm
Published in: Ugali

Welcome to the new AIM blog website of Bruce and Kate Dahlman!  We are so excited to try this “new world” (for us) of blogging, vs. sending out our usual old “Dahlman Diary” emails.  Do we know what we’re doing?  Not really….but you are welcome to come right along with us as we learn and take our first “baby steps” into the world of cyberspace communication.

What we do know is that we are medical missionaries with Africa Inland Mission, Int’l. (AIM), and have been since 1992.   Bruce is a family practice physician and Kate is a registered nurse educator.  Those who have been following our adventures for these past 23 years know of our ups, downs, and ordinary times along the way, whether they happened half-way around the world in Africa or from our birth-country-home, the United States.

Our blog (“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugali”) is meant to reflect and capture these bits and pieces for you.  The title is shamelessly taken from a music CD that Kate bought in Kenya back in 2010.  “Ugali” is a traditional East African food made of maize meal, cooked to a starchy, paste-like consistency and served as a side dish or alone. It is Kenyan daily bread, expected to be there, but not really notable except by its absence.  With each new blogpost, we hope to give you a slice of our regular day-to-day “ugali”, as well as to honestly share the ups (the “good”) and downs (the “bad”) as they occur.

To get started, please take a look at our “It’s Just Us” page, where we describe ourselves in a bit more detail.  The “Support” page gives info and options on how you can support us financially (if you so choose and with our great thanks!), which is vital for us in order to do our work with AIM.  And, the “Dahlman Diaries” page gives you access to many of our past “Dahlman Diary” emails/letters that we have sent out since the year 2000.  Finally, we’ve added some links for you to explore, including a link to our son, Ryan’s, blog (“kijabepost”); he’s also a member of AIM and currently a teacher a Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya.

We’re excited to let you know that we are once again currently preparing to move to Kenya, Africa, from our state-side Minnesota home for another two-year assignment, this time at Kabarak University, located just outside of Nakuru, Kenya.  Bruce will be the Head of the new Department of Family Medicine and Community Care; and Kate will be a Nurse Lecturer in the BScN School of Nursing.

So, here we go!  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  We trust we can make it interesting for you, and we’re so happy to have you follow us via our new blog!  Woo Hoo!


Kate and Bruce, traveling together on the “staircase of life” (ooooh, corny; and yet, a great pic for illustrating this idea, don’t you think?)


8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging!!!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    So glad to know you’re both on the way, and look forward to adventures together in the future. Your family is a great blessing to all of us.

  3. Larry Dean Says:

    I admire your boldness in being a blogger! Thanks for the update.

  4. Amy Says:

    We love the Dahlman’s! How you will be missed but equally prayed for as you journey back to Africa.

  5. dahlmandiary Says:

    Thank you Jennifer! Just saw this now; I’m new at this!

  6. Sheryl O'B Says:

    Kate and Bruce, I loved hearing more of your story! We, too, have been “at this” for 25 years, and wouldn’t trade our lives for anythIng! I, too, was very reluctant back in the days when Dave was ready and I wasn’t. So glad I followed the Lord. We would never have met you two at Nairobi Chapel if I’d been too stubborn! I look forward to more great blogs from you, and hope to see you in N’bi again one of these days! God bless your preparations, good-byes, and fresh start at Kabarek. Greet Stephanie for us when you arrive!

  7. dahlmandiary Says:

    Thanks Sheryl!! We hope to see you “over there”, too!

  8. dahlmandiary Says:

    Thanks, Lynne! Still learning my way around…it’s been a roller coaster so far!